Thursday, October 14, 2010

Definition of a Super Mom

Super Mom- n. a person who gets up at 5:30 am, takes a shower, gets completely ready (make up and all), throws a load of laundry into dryer and another into the washer, makes a pot of coffee and a bottle, delivers said bottle to bright eyed bushy tailed baby at 6:30 am, gets wiggly jibber jabbery baby dressed and hair done by 6:50, coffee in mug, bag in hand, baby in arm, and out the door by 7:00 am.  A supermom then drops baby off at daycare and heads to work by 7:10, entering the work site by 7:15-7:20 and getting straight to work. Super mom works until 4:30-5:00 until at which time she then leaves to go home where super dad and super baby are waiting. Take shoes off, spend an hour with kisses, hugs, and catch up, then time for baby to have a bottle and dinner. After which super mom takes baby to the bathtub where she supervises the crazy splashing and loud screeches of said baby. 6:45 baby is lotioned up, diapered, and pajamas are on.  Quick bed time story, prayers are said (by Super Mom for baby), and then baby is placed into the bed with pink teddy bear and pink blanket. Super Mom then runs around picking up the house and doing another load of laundry before returning to the computer where she resumes working on school work until 10 pm- 12 am. (Super Dad gives up and goes to bed by 9-10 pm) 12 am crawl into bed and pass out for 5.5 hrs.

If you cannot reach me...please see definition again for Super Mom.  I'm pretty sure it does not entail anything about phone call time. :)

Love you all,

Super Mom

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